portrait of simon kubik The approach I have is mainly conceptual but always driven by an intuitive urge of visualization.
I live and work in Vienna, as well working for Creative Agencies in Antwerp, Berlin and Vienna. / office@simon-kubik.at
Museum Angewandter Kunst, Intervention, Vienna 2024
OK Transit Space, Vienna 2023
Parallel Vienna, Official Group Show, Vienna 2023
Museum d. Illusionen, Berlin 2023
Contemporary Cluster, Rome 2023
Kunsthaus Wels, Wels 2023
Galerie Gundula Gruber,?Vienna 2023
F6 Open Factory,?Vienna 2022
Busan Design Week,?Busan 2022
Kunsthaus, Wien 2021
AA Collections Gallery, Wien 2021
Gegnerhaus, Attersee 2021
Barcelona Contemporary, Barcelona 2021
13th Venice International Art Fair, Venice 2021
LoosenArt Exhibition, Rome 2021
Red Carpet Showroom, Vienna 2020
Seoul Future Conference, Seoul 2019
Art Attech Flex, Vienna 2019
One Mess Gallery, Vienna 2019
Open Gallery, Vilnius 2019
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco 2019
Artivive Art Space, Vienna 2019


Passive Income 10x

Multiplication of Installative Relict "Passive Income" from "Head Office Installation" at Schottentor, displayed at Plain Art Galerie

At This Point

Oil on canvas, Diptych 240cm x 150cm

I was looking for,... Parallel 2023

... now I need it for the verfickte Apokalypse Artist Intervention @ Parallel Vienna 2023 engraved and fire burned object, wooden plate

Nur die Harten haben Hoffnung - Exhibition Views

Nur die Harten haben Hoffnung, 2023 Solo Exhibition at Plain Art Galerie

Was was er hat

Oil on Canvas, 200cm x 120cm

Es geht nur ums Geschäft

Oil on Canvas, transparent Gesso, Belgium Linen 50cm x 40cm

M4 Hitzing

!This Photo is not staged! A child seemingly executes itself with a toy M4 Rifle Print on Aluminium, Different small to midsized Formats available

Turn on the lights

Oil on canvas, 120cm x 150cm

In der Kinettn wo i schlaf

Oil on canvas, 120cm x 150cm

i.d.Kinettn mit Stahlrahmen

In der Kinettn wo i schlaf, 2023 Steel frame in the shape of an Historism Window frame

Prompting Hieronymus

AI text to image prompts for "Garten der Lüste - Triptych, Hieronymus Bosch" Written in a classical machine like handwriting before that part was taken over by machines. We are now facing a new era of the loss of jobs not worthy to any human being. No fear! The viewer is invited to generate the painting by himself.

Head Office Installation

Head Office, 2023 Red Carpet Showroom Schottentor, 1010 Wien. The showroom at Schottentor placed above the heads of all those people on their route to work. On the way down to reach the subway on time a meeting room is created above them. The scenery transports the capitalist symptom of „elbow mentality“. A wild meeting session ended up in a brawl with ripped suits, kicked chairs and baseball bats.


Oil on Aluminum, Cartonage, 2022/23 88cm x 118cm, welded steel frame

Afterhour (Ich mag nicht mehr)

Oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm, in a private collection, 2023 Exhibition View Galerie Gundula Gruber

The wall and the behind

Oil on styrofoam, welded steel frame and grid elements. 2023, Installation View Galerie Gundula Gruber

Exhibition View Galerie Gundula Gruber

If I can't break through the roof I will make out with the wall. Duo Exhibition w/ Bianca Regl

Großformat Styropor 1

oil on styrofoam, 2022 140cm x 100cm


oil and crayon on linen, wood, Group Exhibition Blind Spots at F6 Factory Photo: Xenia Snapiro

Vorhang Schloss

185cm x 145cm, oil on linens, Group Exhibition Blind Spots at F6 Factory Photo: Xenia Snapiro


objects/tools of traveling, 2022, wallet with telephone numbers, notes and codes, thick linen, cork. Installation View Aa Collections Gallery


Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 120cm, 2022/23, Installation View Aa Collections Gallery

Send your sons to badminton

Oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm, 2022, in the collection of Aa Collections Gallery

a whole new playground

100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas

Serie Pfeiler

3 Jungs und 1 Hund, Ganzen Samstag im Bett, Relevanz, 80cm x 60cm, oil on Canvas

die Gierigen warten

100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas


100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas, (in commission)

kleine Serie vom Weg

40cm x 30cm, oil on canvas, framed


100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas, (in commission)

Neuronales Geäst, Zustand 1 und 2

86cm x 68cm, oil on linen, part of installation; Neuronales Geäst, painted in Umbria, Italy

Neuronales Geäst

Installation, Gemälde


80cm x 60cm, oil on canvas

Abwesend @ Gegnerhaus

Bild oben: Abwesend 2021 Objekt links unten: Martin Dickinger Objekt rechts: Markus Moser


140cm x 100cm, oil on canvas, (private collection)

to the moon

120cm x 100cm, oil on canvas

Nature is the system, don't fuck the system

The expanding cities are gradually displacing the surrounding nature. Every few kilometres, a piece of parkland is fenced off to fit into the concrete grid. Greenery, more greenery, is the appeal of those who want to stake their claim to nature‘s space. Little trees supported by a frame to help the tree grow in our world. Yet they snatched it away from a system that needed no human help. One wants to master nature in order to then indulge in offering it a place that does not do justice to it.

7 30

120cm x 80cm, oil on canvas


oil on canvas, 120cm x 100cm


oil on canvas, 80cm x 120cm

Meine Meinung

oil on canvas, 140cm x 100cm


oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm painted in Umbria, Italy

Small Formats 2021 in private Collections

30x40 and 40x50 cm works from 2021, in private collections

einfach weiter

oil on canvas, 40cm x 30cm

Desire Identity

A performative and interactive vogueing Event Series in Vienna. Photos credits to Meta/Desire.

Szigeti, a beer for two

A BEER FOR TWO - A BEER TO SHARE in context of activity for Open121, I wrote a concept and claim for the campaign of Szigeti's (Sparkling Wines brand) Beer. The beer, which is filled in a champagne bottle, what makes it a beer intended to be shared in festive manner. A beer for two, a beer to share. Photos courtesy of Open121, not published.

WWJS pitch

Identity Pitch for World Wide Jazz Solutions, production and dj project

EDEN pitch

Pitch for viennese Media production company.

Aerocompact Pitch

in the context of activity for Open121 I pitched them a Logo for the Company Aerocompact. (not realised)

Art Flanerie 2022

Identity for xx Art Flanerie 2022, a visual arts and music festival in Vienna. print and digital

together, AR concept

in the context of activity for Open121 I created an augmented reality magazine page referring to their created sign for building bridges.